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Interested in Buying?

First step is to make sure you understand all of our terms and conditions. When you register on HiBid to become a bidder, you will need to agree to our terms & conditions. Please make sure you read each auction listing to assure that you understand what you are bidding on, and what quantity.

The pictures provided on the lots are the only pictures that will be provided and are of the exact animals you are bidding on. The only time they may not be the exact animal or bird is when the seller is offering multiple lots of the same type/class/color. For example, if a seller is offering “20 white goats/20 white laying hens/20 Courtnix quail” we will allow a group picture that will be used on multiple lots; these lots will be marked with “GATE RUN”. This means there might be 20 birds/animals in the photo, but you will only get the quantity that you have successfully bid on.

When & how will you pick-up your winning bids?

The second Saturday following the completion of the auction is when you MUST pick-up. For example, our next online auction is going to finish on September 28, 2023, and pickup will be on Saturday October 7, 2023. Pickup is near Linden, Alberta. Pickup is from 9:00am-4:00pm. Exact pickup location and details will be given to winning bidders on their Invoice. Alternative pick-up times need to be arranged in advance and may be subject to additional fees.

Birds/small animals that can safely be transported in cardboard boxes will already be in boxes at the time of pickup. You will take them with their box, and you do not need to provide a crate to take them home. If an auction is advertised as “NO CAGE PROVIDED,” that means you need to pick-up and provide your own cage to transport the animal or bird home. Sellers will be allowed to transport and use this option only for species that will escape a cardboard box, and they want to keep the “dog crate” they likely transport them in. So most likely if you purchase a baby pig, parrot, rodent that chews, ferret, dog etc. you will need to arrive at the pickup location with a crate. If you are travelling a significant distance, you’ll likely want better crates with food/water to transport all of your animal’s home.

Failure to pick-up will result in the loss of your money, and you will be banned from future auctions.

Shipping & Delivery options.

If you cannot pick-up your purchases on the Saturday following the auction, we are willing to ship on the Sunday following. We have shipped thousands of animals across Canada using WestJet cargo. Flat rate shipping will start at $200 and will go up depending on the size, and quantity of animals you purchase. We will package your animals appropriately and effectively to keep your shipping costs as low as possible. Crates will be an additional charge and will start at $50. These crates will be custom built or will be standard plastic “dog crates”. For example, if you purchase 2 hedgehogs, 1 parrot, and 2 chinchillas; we will build 1 shipping crate that will accommodate all, you will pay $200 for shipping and $50 for the crate for a total of $250. If you purchase 3 pairs of Swans, you will need to pay $50 per crate x3, and likely around $500 for shipping. WestJet does not charge a standard “$200 per crate,” as the quantity of crates increases, the rate decreases. Shipping with WestJet is safe, fast (same day) and relatively affordable given the cost of ground travel. If you are wondering what the nearest airport to you is, that accepts LIVE ANIMALS please call WestJet cargo. If you would like a more accurate shipping quote please call WestJet cargo, BEFORE YOU BID. WestJet Cargo phone number is (866) 952-2746. We will also do “group” shipments, if multiple buyers from the same city make purchases to help reduce the cost.

Hatching Eggs will be shipped using other services, and you will pay the exact shipping cost plus $10 packing/handling fee.

We are offering shipping at a very reasonable rate. It is not our responsibility to figure out how you will retrieve your purchases. If you fail to follow our conditions or make accommodations (possibly at an additional expense) you will lose your money and be banned from future auctions.


Delivery of livestock who require a trailer is available, and “cold hearty,” crated birds/small animals; from our location to Langley British Columbia and any location along highway 1 on route (Banff, Golden, Revelstoke, Salmon Arm, Kamloops, Merritt, Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley). Delivery fee is flat rate, must be paid in advance, and is non-refundable. You MUST meet along the highway at the given time, you must show up ON TIME or early. If you are more than 30 minutes late, the driver will wait for you at a rate of $300/hour.

Flat rate transport using this service is available at the following rates:

Miniature Horse/Donkey $500

Llama/Alpaca $400

Standard Horse/Donkey $800

Sheep/Goat $200

Crate (Birds/Rabbits etc) $100

Cattle $400

Multiple animal rates could be negotiated, call to discuss options.

For other ground transportation quotes within Alberta or to other provinces within Canda please Contact Us, BEFORE YOU BID.

Fees & Taxes.

All purchases are GST applicable. There will be no agriculture exemptions as the majority of the animals we sell are alternative, pets or exotic and not for meat. All online purchases will be charged an 8% buyer’s premium. Why do we charge a Buyer’s Premium? Because we must pay a premium to the software provider!


We tell you what the seller has told us. We will make every possible effort to assure that you receive your purchases on time, at the pickup location. If a seller does not follow through with their commitment you will be refunded. Sellers who do not follow through will be permanently banned. In the event that an animal falls sick or injured and the seller notifies us, we will contact you to make an alternative arrangement, or you can choose a refund. You need to consider the description provided and picture(s) provided before you bid, Central Alberta Auction Services gives NO GUARANTEE beyond assuring you receive your purchase.


Following the completion of an Online Auction, we will send Invoices.

Invoices MUST be paid IMMEDIATELY. Invoices must be paid by 12:00pm Tuesday, following the auction.

Etransfer is accepted and can be sent to

Credit Cards are accepted with a 3% service fee.

CASH will be accepted only if arrangements are made in advance, and from return customers only.


Please subscribe for auction notices, new consignments and updates!

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