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How does selling work?

If you have live animals, supplies, equipment etc. that you are looking to sell, we would love to help you out! If you are located anywhere in Canada, we would love to give it a try! You will need to give us an exact listing of what you are wanting to sell with good quality pictures of the exact lots. We require a security deposit of $10 per lot from you, which will be credited on your payout cheque as long as you complete the transaction! We will have zero tolerance for sellers who misrepresent their lots, deliver sick or injured animals or fail to deliver them on the “exchange day.” Buyers will be expecting their purchases to be as advertised, and at the exchange location on time, on the correct day! We will only sell animals that are legal to own within the province of Alberta. Below we will explain how the process will work, if you have any questions please email, text or call!

First Step.

Download our consignor registration document linked below and fill it out. We need a list of lots you are consigning, each “lot” is an individual auction. For example, if you are selling 5 horses, that would be considered 5 lots. We need a description of each lot, the more information you include the more impressed the bidders will be. If the “lot” includes a “pair, trio, or single,” please indicate so. Other details to consider would be age, sex, proven, registered, bloodlines, colour, attitude, extent of training, etc.

You can also text photos and descriptions to us at 403 350 9262 if you cant get the below document to upload.

Second Step.

Return the filled out “Online Consignor Registration Forum” to

Include a minimum of 1 picture per lot, the more pictures you provide the more confidence the bidders will have. The higher quality photos will likely result in a higher selling amount. Poor quality pictures will be rejected. The picture must only have the items included within the “lot” in the photo. Do not send a photo of a horse, standing beside another horse, or the bidders may not know which one they are bidding on.

Remit a $10 per lot registration fee via etransfer or call with credit card info.

The $10 per lot registration fee is to CONFIRM that you will follow through with the sale. Regardless of the selling price, distance you must travel or any other factors; if you register a lot, you must complete the sale. Sellers who fail to complete a sale will be banned from future sales both online and live. Should an animal fall sick, injured or pass away while the auction is concluding we will need proof, and need to be contacted immediately so we can refund and notify the buyer.

Buyers are relying on your honesty, and to provide as must detail as possible. We have zero tolerance for sellers who misrepresent their consignments. Sellers who deliver sick or injured animals will be permanently banned from all auctions.

Fees. Commision. Reserves.

We require the $10 per lot registration fee. This fee is not an addition to commission. When you drop off the animals at Linden, we will have your sales cheque ready for you, and you will be returned (credited) whatever amount of registration fees you paid. If you are registering a large volume of lots and are unable to pay the $10 fee per lot in advance, please contact us to make an arrangement.

Reserves can be placed on any consignments. Your reserves must be marked on your consignment forum. Reserve means the minimum price you will accept.

If you wish to place a reserve, there is a $10 no sale fee. For example if you are selling one hedgehog and the minimum sale price you want is $200, and the hedgehog only sells for $100, you will be charged $10 (we will not refund the $10 registration fee) it will be applied to the reserve fee. Flat rate $10 reserve fees are very affordable, we must charge this to cover the time we spend building and running the auction.

Commission for sold lots is 15% or $5.00 minimum per lot.

Drop off.

Drop off will occur at Linden, AB unless you are shipping animals to us. The second Friday after the auction, your animals must be delivered to Linden between 4:00-8:00PM. Exact drop off address will be provided to sellers privately. For example, the drop off day will be October 6, 2023 for the online auction ending on September 28, 2023.

Birds & small animals who can safely travel in cardboard boxes need to be labelled with the selling lot number (which we will provide). Typical “auction boxes” for live auctions, with viewing windows are not required (since you have already provided pictures!). Animals or birds (parrots) who cannot be transported in cardboard can come in kennels, and the buyer will arrive with a kennel to transfer the animal to.

Sellers with large livestock; sheep, goats, cattle, horses, donkeys, llamas, alpacas will need to wait in our parking lot until the buyer arrives. So potentially you could wait for a couple hours! If this auction format proves to be viable, we will construct holding pens for the future, but for the time being everyone needs to be patient!

Out of province Sellers.

Try selling! Shipping to us is very easy.

The Friday before the drop off day, following the conclusion of an auction, you must ship us the animals you consigned. For example, you will need to ship animals on April 14,2023, for the auction ending on April 7, 2023.

If you are familiar with shipping via WestJet cargo, you probably know this is a very easy process. You can ship crates with multiple compartments, and we will sort them once they get here to make sure they go to the correct buyer. You need to factor shipping costs into your reserves, so after your “lots” have sold, you will be paying the shipping to get the animals to us. You also need to factor your crates/kennels cost into your reserves! For those of you who have many birds/small animals and can ship larger quantities or higher value animals this is a great option! A reserve is only $10, its worth trying!

If you are located out of province, and are selling large livestock, all of the above applies however you need to arrange your own ground transportation to make sure the animals are at Linden, Alberta ON TIME!

Hatching Egg Sellers.

Great opportunity for Hatching Egg Sellers to list auctions from across Canada! You must send pictures of both the parent stock and of the eggs. You are required to ship the eggs the Monday following the conclusion of the Auction. For example, you will ship the eggs on April 10,2023, for the April 7, 2023 auction. We will provide you with the buyers address for shipping, you will give us the shipping estimate and we will bill the buyer accordingly. A $10 packing fee will be charged to the buyer in addition to the winning bid, this will be paid to you unless you are local and chose to have us ship the eggs.


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